Article in The Financial Brand Highlights’ Expertise With IP Targeting

Article in The Financial Brand Highlights’ Expertise With IP Targeting is pleased to announce that The Financial Brand, a well-known digital publication and source for financial marketing news, has published an article created by our copy team on the topic of IP targeting and its strength as a strategy for promoting deposit accounts.

To read the full article – including a case study detailing an impressive ROI – go to:

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find:

There’s currently a focus on promoting deposit accounts due to higher interest rates, but how do you stand out in the crowd and engage with your target audience? And how do you pivot when interest rates change again? That’s where IP targeting comes in! It’s proven to be a highly effective way to identify and connect with your ideal audience. This strategy makes it possible for you to aim digital ads at people in specific households, based on IP address. Plus, swapping out IP targeting ads is easy when there’s a change in rates.

You can increase the impact of this campaign strategy with a multi-channel approach: using direct mail to get the word out and then following up with the same recipients using IP targeting ads. Multiple touchpoints lead to greater engagement!

We’ve got the expertise. With over 25 years of experience creating effective marketing, we’ve become the go-to for financial institutions across the country. If you’d like to initiate IP targeting as a digital marketing strategy – or take it up a notch with a multi-channel campaign – reach out to an account representative. We’re ready to get to work for you!

Posted by Charity Wanta - January 24, 2024