5 Facts About People That Will Help You Market to Them

5 Facts About People That Will Help You Market to Them

“Know Your Audience” – These words were pounded into my head by my professors when I was an English major in college. And it’s true. You wouldn’t ask a kindergartener to read a book on how to remodel a kitchen, nor would you write a home loan for a pre-teen.

You may think you know people because, well, you are a person, but you actually have an edge when it comes to finances – you probably live, breathe and dream loans or investments or whatever your area of expertise is at your financial institution. So you are not the average person who’s reading financial marketing materials.

Let’s explore five facts about people that will help you market to them:

  1. People are too busy to read too much. So keep your text brief and clear. Make the text size large enough to read easily and include appealing images.
  2. People don’t always know what you mean. There are so many finance-related acronyms: LTV, WAC, APY, EFT, ARM…the list could go on! It’s often helpful to write things out, even just once, at least in the fine print.
  3. People don’t want to dig for information. If you ask them to click, call or visit, provide the website, phone number or address.
  4. People wonder what the catch is. If you include an asterisk, implying that more details are available, make sure you have a corresponding asterisk that explains everything. Otherwise, readers may wonder if – or even assume – the offer is too good to be true and just dismiss it.
  5. People don’t want to get lost on your website. If you tell them to click a certain button or link, ensure it’s easily accessible and accurately labeled when they visit your site.

Here at, we live, breathe and dream financial marketing – so we’re experts at creating innovative materials that capture the attention of their recipients. When you partner with us, you can be sure your marketing campaign will reach the right audience, with real results.

Posted by Charity Wanta - February 22, 2017