5 Effective Steps to Social Media Marketing

5 Effective Steps to Social Media Marketing

Marketing has always been about catering to the wants and needs of your consumers. Social media is on the rise and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With tons of free social media platforms at our fingertips, there’s no limit to what can be created and shared in an instant.

However, there is an overload of content that users are met with every time they log on. In terms of marketing, social media isn’t just about having a presence anymore – it’s about creating dynamic content and interaction that stands out among the crowd.

As a B2C company, it is more important now than ever for your financial institution to understand the role social media marketing plays in connecting with your accountholders. As part of my new position here at, I will be helping to create a new social media plan for the company. Here are my five steps to effective social media marketing:

1. Choose the right platforms.
First things first, get to know your audience and where they are on the web. For banks and credit unions, as service institutions, Facebook tends to be the best channel for updates and general information, like your location, phone number, and website. Twitter can also be beneficial for more concise, informative posts, such as article links. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, although growing in popularity, may not be the most relevant or effective to delve into – especially if hoping to reach an older market. Starting a blog element to your website or email can also add value to your brand. It provides more freedom and shows you have more to offer than just your standard products and services.

2. Create dynamic and personable content.
Once you are ready to start posting, it is important to continue to think about who your audience is and what content they are interested in.  Ensure variety by including text, images, and videos throughout different posts. This will also combat the scrolling phenomenon, meaning your followers will be more likely to stop and engage with a post that contains more than just text. Social media channels also provide the opportunity to use a more casual tone. In using humor and personality in the copy, consumers will feel more connected. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it!

3. Include a call to action.
For social media marketing to be effective, each post should have a purpose. Whether it be asking your followers to click a link, leave a comment, or apply for a loan, including a call to action is key in order to be met with engagement. Manage giveaways or contests to add even more incentive!

4. Engage with your followers.
If you are asking your followers to engage with your company, you should be doing the same. Pay attention to comments – respond to positive comments with appreciation and negative comments with a solution. In doing so, you make your customers and members feel heard. You can also consider adding “employee spotlights” that showcase who your team members are and what they do. This will allow your followers to get to know your employees and feel more connected and comfortable with the company.

5. Reflect on what’s working and what’s not.
Social media marketing is all about effective impact. Presence means nothing if not followed by targeted content. Pay attention to which posts, promotions, or products are getting the most likes, comments, and interaction, and adjust accordingly. Interaction is essential to create relationships with your followers, which will make your bank or credit union #1 in their eyes! offers tons of social media-friendly products to enhance your marketing. Visit our social media platforms to learn more, and check back to see what changes are in store!

Posted by Lianne Peters - October 11, 2017