3 Ways To Be a Resource for Your Community

3 Ways To Be a Resource for Your Community

Be more to your accountholders than their financial institution – be their educator on all things financial! Position yourself as an expert in the financial industry by offering unique financial tips, ideas and thoughts to your accountholders.

Choosing to educate your accountholders on current events that impact finances (e.g. COVID-19) or general information (e.g. how to rebuild credit) can benefit them and the community you are a part of. But, just like anything else in life, it can take up valuable time to think about how you can educate more people. Here are a few ideas to save you some brainstorming time!

Financial Guides and Online Calculators

Financial guides are a great way to educate people through the season of life they are in. Do you know if your accountholder is in the process of buying a car or a house? Send them a financial guide to help them through all the stages of the decision-making process. Get your name in the mind of your accountholder and give them information about the loans you offer.

Online calculators are another way to help your accountholders without having to put in a lot of work. These calculators are integrated into your website to allow your accountholders easy access.

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Have you ever considered sharing educational content with your accountholders via a GIF? According to statistics, humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than they process words alone! Take advantage of this opportunity to inform your audience with GIFs.

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Sending a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly newsletter is a great way to stay relevant and in the mind of your accountholders. You can use newsletters to update your community on events and special announcements, and to feature articles about important financial information.

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Posted by Adeline Savignac - October 06, 2021