2018 Design Trends

2018 Design Trends

As 2018 slowly comes to an end, there’s no better time to recap the year’s most prominent design trends, many of which has incorporated into our new designs and projects for clients. Some of these design trends have stood the test of time and will continue to show up for years to come, while others have made a huge comeback. Either way, I’m here to highlight these design themes so you can see how you could possibly incorporate them into your next marketing project.

    Gradients have made a beautiful and impactful comeback since 2017 and are being used in stunning ways. A gradient is a multicolor shape where one color gradually fades and changes into another color or multiple colors. We are seeing gradients used as bright and bold backgrounds, as overlays with images to make them pop and even as subtle texture. Using a gradient can be as bold or subtle as needed to fit your brand’s look and feel. Incorporating your color palette or logo colors into a gradient could make your next piece really stand out. 



    Duotone images are not a new concept; they have been around for a while, but 2018 has put them back in the spotlight as another way to integrate eye-catching colors into your design. Duotone images are composed of only two colors and are created by overlaying those two colors onto a grayscale image. This image treatment can be a great way to unify multiple images, making them feel like they all belong on the same piece, and can give off the feeling that they were made specifically for you.’ 2018 Idea Book cover and inside pages demonstrate duotone images.

    2018 Idea Book



    We’ve probably all looked at our parents’ yearbook photos and said, “I can’t believe that was the style back then!” And we get the snarky reply: “It’ll come back in style one day!” Well, our parents were right. Just like fashion, some design trends from the 80s and 90s have made their comeback. We see this vintage inspiration in electric color schemes, geometric patterns and font choices. Mixing these vintage components with modern design can make for a piece with a lot of character and can catch of the eye of those who saw the look in its heyday, as well as the Millennials who love it today.




    Great copy is key to getting readers interested in what you have to say, but when we mix that great language with beautiful fonts, the words become especially striking and effective. This year, designers have been emphasizing the headlines, making them larger and creating a better sense of hierarchy so readers know what to read first, second and last while staying interested. Also, designers are choosing fonts that make the words jump off the page or screen but don’t clash with the tone and message of the copy, all while maintaining readability. I believe this trend of making the words just as beautiful and prominent as the imagery will continue to live on. 


Of course, there were many other design trends in 2018, but these are some of my standout favorites. These trends come in all sorts of variations, which is why I love them! Whether you choose to integrate these trends into your projects or have a different idea,’ stellar team can create something impressive that fits your vision.



Posted by Megan Bauer - October 24, 2018