Tanya Langdon

Tanya Langdon
copywriting team
Three countries you would like to visit
Australia, Uganda, Tanzania—I have a lot of wildlife-centered trips on my bucket list!
If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree in one store, which store would you choose?
A car dealership. I’d need to spend it all on one big-ticket item; otherwise, I’d be dithering for days about what to buy.
Can you change a car tire?
Yes. My first driving lesson wasn’t actually driving; it was learning to pump gas and change a tire.
What book are you reading right now?
“Hotbox: Inside Catering, the World’s Riskiest Food Business.” It’s a look at high-end event catering; cooking is done with Sterno and sheet pans in portable cabinets nicknamed hotboxes. The ability to manage stress is just as important as cooking skills!
If you were a dessert, you would be…
Chocolate lava cake