Kim Ziehr

copywriting team
Movie you can watch over and over?
I actually hate re-watching movies or re-reading books. I don’t like already knowing what’s going to happen – especially when there are so many other good movies and books to get to instead. But Shawshank Redemption is a fave.
Favorite vacation spot?
Any ocean beach, but Wisconsin’s north woods is a close second. We go every year to boat, eat, play games, eat, lounge on the pier, eat…
Unusual thing the average person wouldn’t know about you…
I was once on a bowling game show called “Make That Spare.” But no… I didn’t pick up the 7-10 split!
What do you think is the greatest invention in the last 100 years?
Music streaming. Where was that when I was making all of those mixed tapes and waiting for my favorite song to come on the radio?!
What is the one thing you’d be lost without?
Music! I love going to concerts and have an extremely eclectic taste in music. I’m always up for a game of “Name That Tune!”